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My current Box-O-Books brought home for rereading includes all of Bujold's that I have in paperback, which means the whole Vorkosigan saga except Cryoburn and Capt. Vorpatril's Alliance, plus the Chalion books and The Spirit Ring.

I started the V-verse saga actually with Falling Free, which I can remember reading originally when it was serialized in Analog. I find I actually *like* Leo Graf better as a person than I like Miles. Miles drags one along by the eyelashes in a state of horrified fascination punctuated by cackles. Leo is a lot more like the folks I worked with at the Arkansas Highway Department, actually *analyzing* a problem to find the key to its solution.

Falling Free did not come with any attached earworms, but as soon as I started on Shards of Honor I started having the Suttons' song "Vor" running off and on in my mind. Barrayar added Kipling's "Female of the Species" to the mix. And right at the very end, "Aral's Nightmare" [about having 500 Miles' around the home] chimed-in.
I'm reading Pocket Apocalypse. Our heroes have arrived in Australia and are set-down to a meal of lamb stew, roasted root vegetables, and "soda bread". Is Australian-type soda bread pretty much the same as Irish-type soda bread, or is it closer to Southern American Biscuits, made with buttermilk and baking soda?
...because they won't let you download ebook files to your computer anymore, for copying onto your Nook & eventual archiving on your external hard drive.

like me.

Go to Books-a-Million.com.

They've got their own proprietary BAM-reader software, which can be loaded onto both your computer and your Nook.
It is a bit of an Adventure to get it set up, but their Customer Service folks are very patient.
The book-file can be downloaded to the computer AND to the Nook, for reading on either device, and the file downloaded to the computer can be archived on the external drive.

Even better, they don't force you to pay for Each.Book.Individually. the way B&N does.
BAM allows you to run a shopping cart, and pay for the whole stack with one checkout operation.

This is only necessary, of course, if you are NOT shopping at Baen Ebooks, or Smashwords, or other sources that DO let you download the ebook files properly.

I am now going to go replace thee B&N bookmark with one for BAM on my bookmarks bar.
Our daughter Sharon has run into this thing called FILE VAULT which has her and several upward layers of Apple Customer Service folks at a standstill.

Do I know anyone who has insider knowledge about getting around this that I can introduce to Sharon?

I use this same username on gmail and I will forward replies to her.


The new, supposedly improved Livejournal format. I do not see any link to my Friends Page.

Frozen Daffodil & Snow Tire Festival time!

That's what Resident Curmudgeon Columnist the late Richard Allin used to call it when winter paid one last visit to central Arkansas AFTER the daffodils got up and blooming. Someone had even presented him with a framed photograph of a clump of daffodils chin-deep in snow, with a snow tire positioned right behind the clump.

This morning, central Mississippi had its own version.Collapse )
That's because, except for learning model rocketry with the Civil Air Patrol cadets, it has pretty-much just been keeping-on keeping-on.

So there.
One thing Free Speech is very good at: letting others know how you *really* think, so they can make up their own minds whether they want to hang out with you.

or not.

Margaret's New Toy

Just posted this over in the Quilting group

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